The Importance of “fit”

I’m sitting at my computer desk, in the little alcove next to the dining room table. It’s 2 pm on a Tuesday, so usually I’m not even home right now. But by mutual agreement, I’m telecommuting for the last two weeks of my work at my place of employment.

Why am I leaving when my employer is poised to do some great things in the next couple of years? Long story short, it’s a matter of “fit”. I have some terrific skills that the company has needed, and that I love to share. It’s my passion to write, to learn, and to communicate what I have learned on this wonderful medium called the Internet. I can find my way like a pro around the different social media platforms, and can quickly determine why one communications approach might work better for a client than another.

However, I need to do more of the things that I’m good at, and less of the things I’m not cut out for, like tracking hundreds of URLs on a spreadsheet (though everyone agrees it’s a pretty darn good document!) I want to work for clients who are as excited about projects as we have been where I’ve been working. As the owner and I agreed, it seems a poor fit to turn a marketer, communicator and teacher into an administrator at the expense of using her skills. There is a place for administration in every job. It’s like putting the dishes away in the kitchen after preparing dinner. But to extend this metaphor a bit, I want to be the one making the dirty dishes and creating something fantastic as well as cleaning them up.

So – here’s a toast to the gang I am leaving behind. And here’s to finding some hungry people to feed, and doing my very best to satisfy them.