Increase your online presence with Social Media

Social media sounds like the shiny new object in marketing, but really it’s just you and your business, moving into new areas on the internet where connections are made and relationships built. Simple, right?

Yes, and no. First impressions matter, and you have just moments online to make a good one. With the right profile and tools, you can reach more people and make more effective ongoing impressions, while making only small changes in the way you work online.

  • account setup
  • online profile
  • tutorials
  • list building
  • productivity tools
  • privacy and notification settings
  • fan pages and groups
  • automation and feeds

Give your words some bounce!

You’ve got great ideas – it’s just getting them across that bogs you down! Let WordSpring take that burden off your shoulders, so you can do what you do best.

We take your scribbled notes, flow charts, verbal ramblings, diagrams, journal entries and scrunched-up “failed attempts” and turn them into materials that talk to YOUR audience, in a way that makes them pay attention. We always remember the all-important Call To Action, while respecting the ongoing relationship you have with your clients

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  • brochures
  • web content
  • newsletters
  • letters
  • business cards
  • email signatures
  • article editing

Connect to more of your ideal clients, with a clear plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Yet, many business owners take a scattershot approach to their marketing, trying a large variety of approaches without knowing the reasons why they would use them, or how to evaluate the outcome.

A marketing plan looks at who your ideal clients are, and all the ways you are communicating with them. It tells you the strengths and weakness behind each approach, and shows you opportunities to take your message to more of the people you want to attract.

  • vision
  • key messages
  • ideal client
  • evaluation
  • mission statement
  • SWOT analysis
  • marketing matrix
  • suggested tools