My Speaking Idea For WordCamp Victoria

Plans are coming together beautifully for the next WordCamp Victoria, being held January 14th (only 2 months away) at at the University of Victoria, Social Sciences & Mathematics (SSM) building. Here’s my idea:

Wild About Weaver: A (nearly) WYSYWYG CSS Wrangler

Do you want to make some tweaks to your WordPress site, but pale at the thought of editing the CSS stylesheet? Try using Weaver as your basic template. Based on the current basic theme (right now, Twenty Eleven) it then layers its own child pages onto the base, and gives you literally hundreds of ways to customize the appearance. Using its easy-to-understand administration tabs, you can make big or small changes, add snippets of code, and never have to worry about what the curly brackets { } mean… unless you want to. You may even find using Weaver helps you to understand CSS better!